This is just a small selection of our stock. We often have some reels in small quantities, so don't show them on this site as they sell out too quickly. Call in or check out our YOUTUBE shop tours


MAR 70
This comes in a number of different liveries but is exactly the same reel. A solid budget beach casting reel, complete with line. Team it up with one of our low priced beach rods and pay only 10
just 15

Mackeral Hunter or Devil 7500
Large size beach casting reels complete with main line (shock leader required)
Prohunter in size 40 or 60
Light beach casting or spinning reels
complete with main line  (shock leader required)
Colibri in size 70
Large beach casting reel complete with main line  (shock leader required)               

Now Fladen are long known for selling budget tackle, to be honest a reputation for cheap and cheerful gear at markets, car boots and discount shops. They also sell some very high end gear that doesn't get the publicity it deserves. If it was good enough for the England boat team then there is not much wrong with it.
The ALUPRO RANGE  is a selection of four reels 30-40-50 & 60 size. All have 5+1 bearings and a 5.1:1 retrieve rate, an alloy blade body, alloy spool and handle. They are very competitively priced for this specification
32 to 39

Penn are known the world over for high quality fishing gear, with a reputation dating back decades. Generally without the ludicrous prices of many of their supposed
Competitors. Placing some very high quality reels well within the budget of many
anglers. With the Wrath range brought out a couple or so years ago they have gone even better, this is basically an entry level Penn reel, but not very basic specification. All sizes 40,50,60 and 80 have metal spools, three bearings, solid construction and have fast retrieve rates. Value for money rating has got to be 12 out of 10 at least.

47 to 57

We always have a varied selection of new and used multiplier reels in stock.
However we tend to purchase whenever there is a good deal on something, hence the stock is constantly changing. We can of course order anything from the Penn or Abu ranges in specially for you. The first four are new stock the Abu reels are used reconditioned reels.